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At Copper Wellness, our patients receive chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy. Chiropractic adjustments feel amazing and help bring the spine back into alignment to allow for decreased pain and optimal range of motion. The physical therapy aspect helps patients stay out of pain, build strength, and relieve tension from the body.

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Kinesiology taping is used to help stabilize muscles and joints. It helps reduce pain and correct poor posture.
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Cupping & Guasha:

Cupping and gua sha are both physical modalities used to release physical tension in the body, stimulate the immune system and move lymph.

Services & What We Treat


Our physical medicine team, chiropractic care with physical therapy, treat a variety of physical systems. Our doctors work with patients one on one to relieve headaches, upper back and neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, and more. Our chiropractors are also Webster trained meaning they also work with pregnant patience to help reduce discomfort during pregnancy and prepare the body for a healthy birthing process.

Dr. Adam Mohr is our leading chiropractor who also specializes in physical therapy and has considerable experience in athletic physical therapy and chiropractic; this experience allows him to understand the current orientation and condition of the affected region for injury patients; he is an expert user of soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques that are known to highly effective forms of physical therapy techniques for tissue rehabilitation and redevelopment.

Our unique physical therapy plans are designed to relieve pain and bring damaged muscles and tissues back to health; hence with an integrative health approach, we offer additional chiropractic help as well for patients in excessive pain due to mechanical damage. The integrative approach also involves muscle conditioning that can be done by using specialized herbal oils and lotion that offer natural ingredients to the muscles that can be easily absorbed by the body and do not have any side effects as in the case of chemical drugs and pain killers.

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