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We take pride in the personalized experience and specific care we provide to our patients at our wellness clinic. We provide individualized services that make getting well and staying healthy a simple, convenient part of life. We work with a team of highly skilled integrative medicine doctors & specialists in Chicago who can help you treat various health issues. Take a look at our services and book your appointment today to get the desired therapy at our wellness center in Chicago.


We accept most major insurance plans depending on your type of service. Many of our services are approved medical expenses for FSA and HSA accounts.

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Commonly Treated

We treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions ranging from emotional imbalances to chronic pain. Copper Wellness is focused on finding the root cause of illness, not just chasing symptoms.

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Emotional Imbalances

What We Treat

Physical Pain

Pre & Post Natal Care

Pre & Post Natal Care

Quick Questions

What is Integrative medical care?

Integrative medicine is a patient centered approach that aims to treat the root cause of problems instead of chasing symptoms. Integrative medicine will mostly likely include multiple modalities, for example chiropractic care and massage, to help patients see results more quickly.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture does not hurt. Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, strong, but also flexible because they are designed for the human body. Getting acupuncture is actually so relaxing most patients fall asleep during their treatments and wake up feeling zen.

Is herbal medicine safe?

Herbal medicine is safe when under the guidance of a trained herbalist. Like any medicine, when used without individual or professional guidance it can be ineffective or even dangerous for your health. Any time you are considering new supplements or herbs, work with a trained medical professional, not just the internet or fads.

How long does herbal medicine take to work?

Herbal medicine sometimes takes a bit longer to work than conventional medicine, as it restores the body naturally. However, most people report improvements in their symptoms within a few weeks and this continues over time. At Copper Wellness, our herbal medicine specialists can help you by designing a personalized treatment plan for your needs.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care has many benefits. It can improve your range of motion, flexibility, and muscle strength. It also has other advantages to your physical and mental health, like helping you feel more energetic, and boosting your mood and immune system strength. We have experienced chiropractors available in the Wicker Park area ready to help you with a variety of health concerns.

Do I need to be referred to a chiropractor by a doctor?

No, it’s not necessary to be referred to us by a doctor. However, your health insurance might cover the costs of chiropractic care, so it’s a good idea to speak to them before you visit. If you give us your insurance details, we can also check this for you. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Bucktown area, get in touch with us today to find out more.

How long does chiropractic care in Bucktown typically take?

Your first one-on-one treatment with a chiropractor in Bucktown will take about an hour. During the initial session, you’ll receive a full assessment, treatment, and treatment plan. Any follow-up sessions you decide to schedule will be 30 minutes long.

Are there any good and professional acupuncturists in Wicker Park?

Yes, there are several acupuncturists and clinics offering acupuncture services in Wicker Park. At Cooper Wellness, you can have acupuncture in Wicker Park. We have years of experience in acupuncture, with a fully-licensed, board-certified team ready to help.

Chicago Loves Us

Julia Helms
Julia Helms
I have been seeing Dr. Madden for acupuncture for almost a year now and I don't know where I'd be without her. She's incredible at what she does and the entire staff is awesome.
Juan Ayala
Juan Ayala
Anais is simply the best! Had a great review, consultation of problem areas and left feeling like I was on a cloud! Can't wait to go back, highly recommend the electrode therapy, it was amazing.
Crystal Lapelosa
Crystal Lapelosa
I simply just love going to Copper Wellness! I genuinely enjoy my visits there. It’s like a spa day for me every week. I use all of their services since they’re coveted by my insurance (yes, I know. Unheard of for holistic health) I go to Stephanie for Acupuncture, she has such a soft touch. Adam got Chiro and PT rehab from a past injury. Cameron, Blue and Tempestt for chiro massages and use their infrared sauna! I have an autoimmune condition and I cannot tell you how much this place has saved me/given me so much hope for the future. They are all so amazing and I feel so comfortable knowing they have my genuine best interest at heart. I’m so happy I found this office!
Tiff Math
Tiff Math
"DR" Madden left needles in me and forgot I was in the room. I had to walk out. very very unprofessional. THEY SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS. PLEASE HEAR ME WHEN I SAY THIS. the bills are never the same. my incurrence company thinks that they are scamming us.
marcy swerdlow
marcy swerdlow
Dr Madden is a miracle worker. For over a year I had issues with my feet. She was the 1st to say my calf’s were right! Her acupuncture was spot on and helped right away. The stress caused issues in my neck as well that she helped not only with acupuncture but cupping as well. Her care and compassion is amazing. I will continue on maintenance because she is so amazing. ‼️
Taylor Easterling
Taylor Easterling
Copper Wellness has been a pivotal part of my health journey! The integrative services that are offered are tailored to my needs/situation. Specifically, when I needed to start doing massage therapy for upper and lower back pain, Cameron Sand did a great job from the start making me feel comfortable. Whenever I have a question, they answer it readily and explain how and what they are doing during our session. I’ve seen a huge improvement since working with them and couldn’t recommend them enough!
Jonathan Boyden
Jonathan Boyden
I sincerely wish that I could give Dr. Stephanie Madden 1 million stars. From the time that I met her for consultation through my entire acupuncture journey with her, she was incredibly attentive, genuine, personable, professional, precise, safe, knowledgeable, skilled, and wise with her work. I saw Dr. Madden for about 1 a little over a year to help resolve physical issues from emotional traumas and sufferings in my life. I cannot stress how different my life is from when I first saw her. She helped me get to core issues in my physical health that other doctors never came close to articulating, let alone being aware. Working those physical issues directly helped me so much with my emotional health. My quality of life now is so much better because of her contributions to my healing journey. After working with Dr. Madden, she is a practitioner that I trust and deeply respect. If anyone ever asks me to recommend an acupuncturist, I would never hesitate to recommend anyone to her. I even recommended her to one of my friends on his journey to receive a heart transplant, and she made a positive impact on his quality of life. He had nothing but positive things to say about her (and now he is thriving with a new heart!). Dr. Stephanie Madden has made a wonderful impact on my life, and I can only imagine the impact she is making on the lives of others whom encounter her. She is someone that has answered her call in life, and is absolutely brilliant at it. Brilliant!
Chris Behrens
Chris Behrens
I’ve worked with Adam for about 4 years. He’s really worked to personalize my treatment and recovery. All of the services they offer are top notch.
louisa white
louisa white
I absolutely love Copper Wellness! The entire staff is fantastic - they're all so friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I've been working with Dr. Stephanie Madden for acupuncture and she's been amazing. I had suffered a brain injury, and her treatments have been instrumental in helping me manage the after-effects. She's truly skilled and creates a serene and calming environment during each session. Stephanie is also very caring and takes the time to listen to what's going on with you. Dr. Peter Kinsella has also been incredible in helping me with my TMJ issues. He's incredibly knowledgeable and has been able to pinpoint the root of the problem. Now that I'm pregnant, he's even adapting my program to help with delivery, which is so helpful. I can't recommend them enough!
Michelle Boyd
Michelle Boyd
I've had problems with sleep and back pain for years and been through ALL the sleep programs and seen many physical therapists. While the PT I got in the past helped a little, the focus would always be on one small area of pain. I feel like I've received true *health care* for my whole self for the first time in my life. The combination of massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic care has nearly eliminated my pain, improved my sleep, and helped me deal with related emotional distress. The best part is, Dr. Madden and Dr. Mohr have all taught me how to be more aware of what's happening in my own body, so I can take steps to take better care of myself. And honestly, I'll never be satisfied by a spa massage after working with Linda Montanez. I'm amazed at their skill, incredibly grateful, and highly recommend them.

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Copper Wellness is a Chicago based integrative health care clinic and wellness center. We work with our patients creating collaborative treatment plans to help patients achieve their wellness goals while enjoying their lives. We treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions ranging from emotional imbalances to chronic pain. Copper Wellness is focused on finding the root cause of illness, not just chasing symptoms.

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