Social Health | Four Health Pillars

Social Health | Four Health Pillars

There are countless ways to breakdown the components of health. For me, the more simple the idea, the easier it is to dive deep with it. I picture health in four pillars. Internal, External, Emotional, and Social.

My goals for this year were to travel more and save money. Well, I had no idea what 2020 had instore. Instead of going everywhere I stayed home and instead of working my normal 50+ hour work week I took three months off (best decision I ever made). One thing that can not be ignored this year is the dramatic impact on our social health.

Social Health: The way we interact with others

What about social health hasn’t changed this year? Travel, festivals, bars and restaurants. All of our normal face to face tools for social interaction has been altered. We’ve been forced into the endless blackhole of internet and media entertainment (#TigerKing). Now that things are opening back up (kinda) we are re learning how to interact with society. People’s level of organic engagement has been on the decline for years.  We went from “stranger danger” to online dating pretty quickly. People have quickly realized that a fraction of natural social interaction they had before, even just at work or the grocery store, had a positive impact on their life. Now, with anxiety high and mask on, we have to learn how to make friends and be a part of our communities again or maybe for the first time.

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