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Experience and helpful practitioners

Our team of practitioners each has their own area of unmatched expertise that is put together to offer the most effective integrative treatment to our patients.
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Comprehensive approach

Our integrative healthcare plans are focused on helping our patients be free from all kinds of physiological and psychological problems, so our services are designed to maximize their impact on overall health.
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Offering the best-suited treatment

We carefully study and understand the problems faced by patients in order to select our treatment method for them and always focus on offering a highly fruitful treatment.

Services & What We Treat


In the case of most kinds of physical pains, the source can be excessive stress experienced by muscles and joints that in severe cases can cause misalignment of the joint or muscle tear that would cause excessive pain and swelling of the affected area. To define the ideal treatment for any kind of pain, the practitioner needs experience to firstly identify the cause and then administer the treatment in a proper manner to ensure its complete resolution.

Our experienced chiropractor and Physical therapist, Dr. Adam Mohr, is known for his exceptional diagnostic and resolution skills. The ideal resolution for mechanical damage and misalignment would be a chiropractic adjustment session so that the muscles and joints can be put back into their proper place. The followed rehabilitation and conditioned can be completed with the help of physical and massage therapy. In addition to treatment, Dr. Adam Mohr also specializes in postural correction to avoid recurrence of the pain.   

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