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Restore Your Body’s Energy and Balance with the Best Herbal Medicine

Our Chinese herbal medicine and supplements are a part of our holistic healing system. For centuries, Chinese herbs have been used for treating various chronic and acute conditions. These natural and potent herbs and extracts are used extensively in Chinese herbal medicine due to their unique healing properties. We use a combination of herbal medications and supplements to help improve your body's energy vitality, restore balance, and regain physical strength and mental sharpness.

At Copper Wellness, we adopt a one-on-one and personalized approach to your treatment. We spend time investigating your underlying condition and reaching the root cause. Taking herbal medications and supplements with recommended integrative therapies allows you to achieve optimal function, health, and well-being.

Whether you need herbal remedies for insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome treatment, remedies for IBS, or pain, we have you covered. We also advise changes in your diet and lifestyle for a speedy recovery and maximize the benefits of herbal medicine treatment.

Our herbal medicine and supplements are recommended to work with patients in correlation with other treatments.

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