Acupuncture for Depression

Yes, Acupuncture can help treat depression. Acupuncture is never a one size fits all treatment. Depression varies for each person so the first step of treatment is identifying how depression is affecting you. Some people experience low energy and sleep all day, others would describe depression as a lack of interest in life. Depression can also be caused by other medical issues such as long term illness or pain. However your mood is affecting you, acupuncture can help.

How does Acupuncture help with depression?

“Dr. Madden is one of the best holistic medicine doctors I've worked with. She is caring, compassionate, and an active listener. I've always felt I was in a safe space working with her. That vulnerability and transparency gives her the chance to help heal those she is working with. She has helped me with different ailments that I've been struggling with for years; sleep issues, anxiety, stress, depression, and many others. I would recommend Dr. Madden and Copper Wellness for anyone looking to see improvements in the overall health and well being of their life.”
Chris A
Cindy Walker
Design, Health

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