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At Copper Wellness, our patients receive chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy. Chiropractic adjustments feel amazing and help bring the spine back into alignment to allow for decreased pain and optimal range of motion. The physical therapy aspect helps patients stay out of pain, build strength, and relieve tension from the body.

Additional Services

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Kinesiology taping is used to help stabilize muscles and joints. It helps reduce pain and correct poor posture.
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Cupping & Guasha:

Cupping and gua sha are both physical modalities used to release physical tension in the body, stimulate the immune system and move lymph.

Services & What We Treat


Our physical medicine team, chiropractic care with physical therapy, treat a variety of physical systems. Our doctors work with patients one on one to relieve headaches, upper back and neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, and more. Our chiropractors are also Webster trained meaning they also work with pregnant patience to help reduce discomfort during pregnancy and prepare the body for a healthy birthing process.

Our Chiropractic team has years of experience to aid them in assisting our patients with the different kinds of chiropractic adjustments they need to enjoy a healthy body structure, the evaluation of our leading Chiropractor Dr. Adam Mohr are considered to the best in the business attributed to his experience as the chiropractor for adventure motorsports; he helps the patients feel relief with just one adjustment session as he wishes to help all the patients to avoid taking pain killers regularly.

In addition to chiropractic treatments, Dr. Adam Mohr also helps the patients to develop good postural habits so as enjoy good physiological health on a regular basis; in today’s digital life, suitable desk postural habits are necessary to avoid undue strain and fatigue. Our Chiropractic plans involve helping our patients with chronic pains along with improving their joints and muscle health as well.

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